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Completely Changed Me....

By  On: 07 May 2016

Unless people start saying that you have gained weight one won't realise it and that's what exactly happened with me. I gained approx. 30 kgs more than my ideal weight due to night shifts and lack of exercise . After realising it I started looking out for ways to reduce those extra kilos by doing regular swimming and by avoiding junk food and the result was like  I was not gaining weight further but not reducing as well which i desired to have.  
Then I tried GM 7 day diet for two weeks it reduced the weight but the toughest part of it was I was bored and fed up by eating fruits completely one day..only vegetables one day and finally I gave up as the diet was very tough. All the time only food was on the mind. It is not all feasible.
Then I was searching on Google a good dietician and found Dr. Deepa Agarwal as a blessing. I met her and she gave me wonderful diet plan which was so easy to follow without even realising that you are on diet and to my pleasant suprise I lost 5 kgs in very first week and now after three months of continuous dieting I have reduced total 16 kgs.  She is a fabulous dietician and very professional and helpful. 
I would recommend all to visit Dr. Deepa Agarwal who wants to reach their ideal weights.  Believe me now I feel 60% more energetic and active after reducing the extra kilos so don't miss this opportunity. 

Good luck 

Mr Waheed Ullah Khan

[email protected]

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