Testimonial | Eating healthy is addictive!!

Eating healthy is addictive!!

By  On: 25 September 2017

Dear Dr Deepa

Having been an athlete all my life - first a gymnast, and then a tennis player - it was a no shocker when I started gaining weight rapidly once I decided to quit sports. This could be owed to unhealthy dietary habits and the lack of physical exercise in my daily routine. Eventually, even before we could realize the damage this unhealthy lifestyle was causing my physical and mental self, I went from being 5kgs underweight to 20kgs overweight, all in a matter of two years. That was when we approached Ms Deepa Agarwal. She was keen on knowing what the root of the problem was and what we were expecting from her. We started off with the three months course. For Ms Deepa Agarwal, it was never about helping me lose weight, rather it was about introducing me to a healthier lifestyle and teaching me the art of eating. These in itself would stick with me throughout my life and help me lead a healthy life. After the 3 month period, I had lost 12kgs and couldn%u2019t imagine myself reverting to my old lifestyle. I was addicted to the benefits a healthy diet was giving me, physically and mentally. We immediately contacted Ms Deepa Agarwal and renewed the plan to a 1 year plan, and will renew it year after year. Having visited many nutritionists before as an athlete, I can vouch for the difference between the regular nutritionists and Ms Deepa Agarwal. The dietary charts are according to your taste preferences, and if you do have any queries, you can always expect her to reply within a few minutes. I would wholeheartedly recommend Ms Deepa Agarwal to not only people who want to lose weight, but also everyone who%u2019s keen on adopting a healthier lifestyle and healthier dietary habits. Eating healthy is addictive!

Vishal Kumar.

[email protected]

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