Testimonial | I gained my CONFIDENCE Back!!

I gained my CONFIDENCE Back!!

By  On: 21 September 2016

Dear All,

" When I was browsing through the net to find out a Good Nutritionist, I came across Dr. Deepa Agarwal. I had really put on a lot of weight over and above the permissible limits and was about 14-15 Kgs more than what I was to be normally. So I eagerly wanted to follow a Good Diet and see how I could control the Over Weight. So got to know about Dr. Deepa Agarwal over her website and I just took a chance to try her and see if she can help me reduce my weight. And she really did. I started my diet on 01st of May and it was for about a period of 3 Months. I reduced my weight from 81 Kgs to 67 Kgs in those 3 Months :). It helped me gain my confidence back and more importantly my health was back on track.
The diet she gives us to follow is pretty simple and straight. No crash diets or artificial stuff given to reduce the weights. 

This weight loss has not only given me confidence, but it helped me to reduce the Cholesterol, Sugar and thyroid  levels drastically.If we can follow the diet she gives with a regular session of Morning Walks, it will certainly help us lose weight a a good pace.

I do recommend her if anyone would like to reduce weight and gain their confidence back :). This certainly is not an advertisement to promote her services, but just a genuine feedback since I had consulted her and she helped me reduce my weight.

The best part is, I only met her once during the initial consultation and rest of all the diet plans every week were promptly in my email which I just have to follow :).


Anyone seeking more information can contact me over my mail id - [email protected] 
- Naveen Kumar Chintalapati


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