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By  On: 22 March 2015

My name is Yogini Desai.  I am a 53 year old Indian Female who was born and brought up outside of India.  I am a wife, a mother to a 14 year old, and a Teacher.  I love my life and I think I am important, and that is why I need to tell you about Dr. Deepa Agarwal.  I heard about Deepa through a friend in October 2014 and have been on weight loss journey with her since then. 

I was on at a crossroads with my weight gain and contemplating various avenues to help me reverse this negative aspect of my life.  It had been bothering for some time and it is a situation that many women face in this modern life, irrespective of cultural differences and where we live.  Many of us tend to take on the role of ‘shock absorbers’ for our families.  We neglect ourselves because we prioritise our families.  We skip meals because we don’t have time, and then we eat the wrong foods at the wrong time.  In my case, I am on the road driving a lot, so there is a lot of sitting.  We rush to get children to school, ourselves to work, come home and cook and deal with other chores.  We Indian women outside of India do everything in the house, and any help for domestic chores is minimal.  Many of us don’t have families and relatives to help us with children so we can have a break.  We just do not have time to do anything for ourselves.  At the end of all this, we are too tired to even think about anything else, least of all, any exercise.  It starts to become a vicious cycle.

Some of my weight gain was attributed to my pregnancy, however, most of it was due to the busyness of life as described above.  I was thinking about joining a weight loss program here in Australia, but reluctant because I really wanted someone to understand my cultural diet.  By that I mean, we Indians have our own cuisine, and then we have our regional cuisines and meal customs.  On top of that I am a vegetarian, and so, a westerner cannot fully appreciate our dietary routines to help us with weight loss.  I also did not wish to join a club where I would have to attend regular weekly meetings and sessions in between my already busy schedule.  This is where Dr. Deepa Agarwal comes in.  I met up with a friend in September 2014 and noticed that she had lost a considerable amount of weight.  I asked her what program she was on as I was already seriously going to start on one.  She told me about Deepa.  This reference couldn’t have been more timely.  I was on the computer within days, contacting Deepa via email, and my journey with her began there. 

Dr. Deepa set an individual goal plan for my weight loss, and since November 2014, I have lost about 5-6 kilos.  I have an E-mail and Skype long distance relationship with her and I really enjoy the weekly diet and nutrition plans that she sends me.  This is what some of us non-resident Indians need if we cannot find suitable weight loss programs outside of India.  During my communications with her she has re-educated and re-connected me about dietary habits and continues to support me on my slimming journey. 

Deepa is a highly qualified and passionate nutritionist.  She understands our Asian body types, knows our culture and how it affects Indian women psychologically, and so, works accordingly with each of her clients and patients.  What I have lost is not drastic, but it is a start and it is individualised to my age, circumstance, habits and lifestyle and my geographical location.  How quickly I reach my goal depends mostly on me and how much effort I am able to put into it depending on my circumstances.  Deepa cannot do that for me.  It is not easy and it cannot be an overnight miracle.  Some weeks are not the best because I have cravings and sometimes indulge in ‘nice foods’!  Life is still happening around me, but I have to stay motivated to get back on track.  This is important for anyone contemplating starting on a program.  I have to be my own auditor and honest with myself as well as when I report back to Deepa.  The best part is, that, even though we are on different continents, I can communicate freely with her about what is working and not working for me and she then modifies the plan accordingly.  Deepa responds as soon as she is able to.  Let’s remember, I’m not her only client and she has a life too!  I have gained several relationships with Deepa.  She is my weight loss coach, my health mentor and a new friend who is patient with me even when I have not had much success.  This is often what many of us need, a little push and support.  People have noticed and commented on my weight loss and that encourages to keep going.  I still have a long way to go, but I have made a start, because I am important.  Thank you Deepa and I wish you all the best with helping others like myself.

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